Wednesday, January 23, 2008


William is spending the night. He's got school tomorrow but that's not a problem. I'll get up and fix pancakes. Lisa said she would bring Ben over and they could eat together, then she will drop them off at school.

Will and I had fun tonight. It was Opera night. When we talked to each other, we sang the words and did dramatic hand dances. It was fun. Once the phone rang and I was in Opera mode...the poor cable salesman didn't know what to say when I sang out a 'Not interested' in a very bad soprano voice. William thought it was funny. My brother thought I was nuts, but that's nothing new.

We took a break while he watched Ninja Warrior on the G4 something channel. It's one of those obstacle course type shows where the guys or gals have to do very hard tasks to win prizes. They subtitled English..and I lost it a few times. Mainly because William was trying to speak Japanese and the subtitles read like "He is still wearing his baseball cap and waving his arms" and "the water swallowed him whole."

William brought home a cool book from his school library: "Authur Spiderwick's Field Guide to Fantastical ...something" (dang I forgot the whole title)... you've probably seen the movie trailer. I swear it's the coolest book. We spent almost an hour reading it together. I might have to see that movie. William's not sure ...he thinks it might be too scary. I'm all for it... even if it's not an Opera.


John said...

I love telemarketers. I like to interrupt them and ask them if they're cute (because they sound cute on the phone) and what they're wearing, and, no I don't want to listen to your silly 90 minute time share presentation, but can we meet for a drink. It's especially fun when they're guys.

Painter Lady said...

You're funny...wish I could hear you do that. Time Warner Cable called last night to do a follow-up survey about Tech support.

The girl sounded like a teenager and she couldn't stop laughing at someone in the background. It sounded like a really sexy guy. So I said, "Hey let me talk to him. Is he cute?"

She got all professional when I said that and asked if I had time to do a 10 min survey. I said, "No. But you can do it for me. Give your tech people 5 gold stars and a cookie."

Hope you have a great weekend, J.