Thursday, January 24, 2008


and not the good kind. ;)

For the last two days, I've been running around work going crazy over a last minute vender booth Dad purchased at a "Prom Fashion Show" that will be held at RCC. Or so I thought he had purchased it.

I worked on posters, on flyers and brochures. I printed and printed...buckets of them. I printed photo samples and gift certificates...

only to find out just now that the people in charge couldn't get any other venders, so they've decided not to have any. But they will gladly use the gift certificates as door prizes.

I've wasted time I could have been using on paying clients. Oh well...tis life.

I was able to get deferred until May on my Jury Duty... I'll be in Civil court instead of Criminal and that means I'll probably do one day. Sort of wouldn't mind being a juror on a murder case but they might not pick me.. I'm all for the death penalty...hell, prove 'em guilty and we'll lynch out back. (no this isn't a racial slur or anything like that...I believe in equal opportunity death penalties.)

I'm hoping tonight I can catch up on my email and stuff. I was going to last night but decided to post some recipes in my Cooking Sherrie Blog. And goof off on myspace... I think everyone (well, almost everyone) has a space there.

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