Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am sooooOoooo thirsty. I forgot my jug of water. Guess I'll send Dad out in a while to fetch me something to drink.

You know there are some weeks when every day situations...I'm talking situations you deal with daily...are harder to get through. That's how it's been this week. Since I've taken on the class reunion full-throttle, I feel a rush to get the mailing list finished and the letters of intent since out before my online class starts next Wed. Bon Bon is a big help so far but she doesn't have the finesse for dealing with the 'people' part of this. I have to make some calls to a few of our classmates before mailing the letters, mainly to the ones who are on the reunion committee. I have a feeling they will all be relieved to know that they are off the hook in planning one. After all they've missed two reunions and I'm sure they're tired of people asking when the next one will be.

Bon and I had a long discussion about stuff Tuesday night. We nixed the DJ plan and decided to go with CD's of luau type music. I think I'll take two boom boxes and have one outside on the deck and the other inside...for dancing, if anyone wants too. We'll save at least a hundred bucks on a DJ and can use the extra money on food. It will be expensive to feed a crowd with today's prices and I'm sure things won't be any cheaper next year.

We had some hard rain yesterday and the temps never got out of the 70's...strange weather for Dog Days August. It's sunny today and the temps are in the lower 80's. And it looks like it will be like that through the weekend.

I've decided to have another yard sale next Sat. Instead of hauling back the stuff at Al's... I think it's best to try and get rid of things there. What I don't get rid of is going to the side of the road with a "FREE" sign on it.

Got a new adult catalog in the mail this week--- lots of lingerie, stockings, lubes and toys. I guess it's good that I haven't had time to drool all over the pages .... or I would be in a foul sexually frustrated

well...enjoy your day folks

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