Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I hate Crocs!

I remember my first and only pair of jelly shoes....and how they couldn't stand the heat and would get soft and stretch, flopping off my heels every time I walked. I gave them away after a week. Never again would I buy a pair of shoes just because they were the current trend. Not even a pair of Ugg's.

Crocs! The first time I saw them I thought they were only for garden use. My mom got a pair to wear outside. Then I saw them everywhere. She kept telling me to get a pair. I even looked at a pair of them in Walmart one day. But the vile memory of those jelly shoes still clung to the recesses of my mind like a bad taste in my mouth.

But what really turned me off to them was seeing a really hot looking guy wearing a pair of orange crocs! Orange! His feet seemed to glow as he walked. I sang 'day-glo' to the tune of 'day-o.' For the rest of the day. What a sight!

Monday afternoon I needed to run outside to the truck to get some things I left and since my shoes were in my room I slipped my bare feet into mom's crocs. Those things are so uncomfortable. They don't give with your walk. I felt as if I were incrusted in a cement block. Later I was sitting in the den, watching Spongebob with William when I realized there was a funny odor in the room. I thought William was tooting out something funky but he claimed he wasn't full of gas. Eventually my nose led me to my feet... Darn those crocs... not only are they uncomfortable to wear, they make your feet stink.

I spent haft an hour scrubbing mine.

What do I think about crocs? Well... I saw we feed them to crocs!


John said...

I don't mind 'em. I have a pair (the youngster bought them for and blue, for his favorite college team), but I only use them around the walk the dog early in the morning, or late at night. If I'm actually going out in public, like more than 100 yards from the house, I put on real shoes.

They're OK if I'm in the house barefoot, and I need to run out to the car to get something, or need to start the grill to make dinner. They don't go out in real public tough.

Stephen B said...

Isn't that cruelty to animals?

Don't need crocs when we got flip-flops. I wear my thongs everywhere. The sandals that is, not the underwear.