Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rain... going away

The rain is slowly going away. I just saw Mr. Sunshine peeping out at me. I'm getting a little congestion, so I took a mega dose of Vit C and some sinus meds. Let's hope it will pass along with the rain.

William is making me proud of late. First, he has learned to do some minor chores around the house and doesn't yell when I tell him he should read something before bed. Second, he and Ben went to a water park in E-town and Will took a wild ride on the biggest waterslide in the park...all by his lonesome. I was shocked because he's so timid usually. Later he told me he conquered his fear. But I would have given anything to have seen that. He told me it went too fast and he tried to slow it down with his foot...which was cut and scraped badly. I told him never do that again; that he can't stop speeding bullets and that's what he was. Lisa said he screamed at the top of his lungs and people laughed at him but in a good natured way. One lady told Lisa that she was afraid to go down it and would scream even louder than William did...

I'm so proud of him. Oh and third, he actually walked to his classroom all by himself yesterday. He wouldn't allow Lisa to escort him. This year it's really been a blessing because we've worked so hard with him and he's grown so much. My heart overflows when I look at him.

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