Sunday, August 24, 2008

Relaxing on a Sunday

I confess that it's nice that Al has Internet access finally. I haven't been on his PC much and even now it feels foreign...the keyboard, the chair...the mouse. But I'll manage.

Saw a gaggle of geese along a street going to the IGA yesterday. Al told me there's a creek close by and that the geese venture out when the grass is high along the streets. They live to eat grasshoppers that live there. Some were in the road and I had to stop for them to waddle back to the sidewalk and to the grass that grew there. I wondered if they wanted a ride somewhere...maybe tired of flying. I wish I had my camera to capture the moment. But no mind did just fine.

Spent a lot of yesterday and night with a horrible headache that was a mix of sinus and eye strain. I barely made it to Al's and when I got here I laid on the couch for a long time until one of the neighbors came to borrow a ladder. Somehow I made supper for Al and when he got home, I was putting on my modest nightgown. Told him my head ached and he kissed my forehead and told me to sleep.

I dozed but never fell into a deep sleep--not until he came to bed. He wrapped his arms around me and we slept without moving for hours. My dreams were pleasant and when I woke at 5 am... I was tired but not sleeping--in a limbo of sorts. In his sleep, Al said me name and he pulled me closer than before. I felt so safe in his arms, so loved and fell back to sleep.

This morning he informed me that he had to re-wash all the dishes...that it looked like I just put them in the drain. I don't remember washing them at all... I might have done just that.

When he got home from church, he came in with a box wrapped prettily with a nice bow on it. He said, "This is for you." I knew it wasn't an engagement ring. The box was too large. I said, "What have I done to deserve a present?" (I knew it wasn't my dish washing skills). He said, "For being you. For making my life better." I was touched and opened the box. It was a very dainty gold chain that sparkled when the light from the window hit it. I took off my old one and added the pendent (a stacked star with a diamond chip-sun-moon) I had on it to the new one...and it looks much better. Maybe I will replace the pendent with the cross I got for one of my birthdays when I was in my late teens. But anyways, the present moved me. I was glad it wasn't an engagement least for the moment...I want that presentation to be very romantic.

I should get a shower. I should sweep the floor and make-up the bed. I will eventually but for now I want to write and relax in a way I haven't been able to for the last few weeks.

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