Friday, August 29, 2008


Oh yeah baby....just one more day of work and I'm off 2 days. (Yep I have to work tomorrow--dad's got a wedding to photograph).

One of my old customers dropped by today. I did some restorations for him in 1990. He had one of them with him. It still looks good. I remembered fixing it and adding color but to look at it, you wouldn't think that I had done it. The photo looked so natural. And I did it by hand back then. His uncle is in the hospital and he took some old photos to show him ( I guess he was trying to perk him up a bit. The uncle is 89 and sickly). But the customer dropped by to see me on the spur-of-the-moment. He told me I hadn't aged one bit in 18 years. I smiled and said that he had caught me on a good hair day. Then I said thanks. I feel older even if I don't look it.

But he made my day. I was happy to catch up on news and we discussed the new technology of photography.

Last night, I saw Brian--an old classmate and one of my few boyfriends in middle school and Jr. High. He has some names and addresses for me and told me to go by his bakery to get them sometime next week. I told him I would call first and make sure he wasn't busy so that we could sit down and talk. He also I thought I might see what he suggests--show him my menu.

Also finally caught up with Bon. I caught her up on what's been going on. Told her some decisions I had made (she didn't comment on them because they weren't dealing with the decorations) and went on from there. Since she hadn't procured the building, I plan to do that next week.

Granny's coming in tomorrow. Mom's going to get her. I'll come by the house after work and visit for a few hours before going to Al's later that night. I think on Sunday, a lot of visitors will be popping by. Granny doesn't deal well with a full house, plus her memory is worse than ever. Mom encouraged me to go on to Al's Sat night. I think my Uncle is driving Granny back home Monday early morning. I know Granny won't remember the time we spend together but I will. And plan to keep it in my heart.

Don't know if I'll pop in here this weekend to write. Depends on how my weekend I'll say this. Have a safe Holiday.

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