Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rain..gone away

It's nice and sunny now. But earlier this morning in Fayetteville...there was a huge rain storm that flooded Al's street. I couldn't leave until it stopped and the water receded. I had to drive up yesterday to get some stuff I left my cell phone charger and some mail(bills) I needed to address this week.

I was a little late for work but no biggie. I'm just glad the rains are over.

We've got a cool new Mailperson. Her name is Sherry and she's as fun and crazy as I am. We like to tell funny stories to each other. I found out that she's in a few online survey places like I am. We talk about that sort of stuff. When she brings the mail, she stays about 10 mins yakking with me. I told her we should start a "Sherry/i/ie" club... not allow any "Shari" spellings in it...cuz that's not really how you spell it. She if you know any ""Sher"" ... share the news with them.

Guess I best get to work...xxoo's to all of you

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