Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sun shines Bright

No Rain or clouds far. I think my part of NC is free of Fay...

I took a few days off from the reunion planning. Only one letter came back, which I think is a good thing. I sent out about 10 more after getting addresses from other classmates. But there are still a bunch who no one knows how to get in contact with... I'm not worried. I'll be happy if 30 classmates (and dates) show up.

As I figured would happen but hoped not this soon, I haven't heard a word from Bon. She was supposed to get up with me over a week ago about seeing the beach house but I haven't heard from her. I've called and left 6 messages... I won't call again. This luau was her idea but planning it is all work for me..I'll give her credit on the idea but I won't on the work I'm doing.

Found a great array of recipes for the luau. I may post them later once I finalize the menu. I've found some great decorations on ebuy that have free shipping and have gotten a few things.

I've found a hula girl design for the invitations. I'm thinking of having door prizes and gift bags... something that they can take home and remember.

A few of the girls in my class have volunteered to help and I may take them up on it. I am proud of what's been planned so far. I hope it all turns out ok.

Next week, I'll procure the building and .... and practice my hula

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