Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Once again it's a rainy day. Warm at 71. But it's cold in this building, so I'm wearing a sweater. I froze yesterday...don't plan on doing it again today.

Haven't had much to say lately online and off.... guess the stress of the holiday orders is keeping my mind occupied. Plus I've been working on my novel every chance I get. Tomorrow is the deadline and I still have 6,000 words to type. Being sick last week put me behind, but I'll get it done by tomorrow.

The meds I'm on make me feel slightly drowsy. I have to think a moment before I do a task and remind myself what I'm doing. Not a good thing.


Sandra said...

Is that really 71 degrees? It must be really hot. And I thought nothing can be worse than Alice - average of 35 -42 all seasons.

Helen said...

I'm guessing thats 71 in farenheit rather than centigrade...

Painter Lady said...

Sorry girls... I forget to put the F behind the 71

It's Farenheit.