Friday, December 02, 2005

December's Here

Soon another year will be gone!

Let's see what's been going on! I am over the respiratory bug. Still a wee bit congested but it's clearing up more every day. My doctor said my white cell count was normal. Which is very encouraging.

We had some horrible rain squalls on Tuesday, enough to cause the roof to leak in several spots and bad enough for it to leak down to the first floor. I put buckets out and Dad called the landlord and told him about it. The crazy part is that at first Dad put buckets out to catch the water leaking in the back by the backdoor. I went upstairs to see how bad the leak was, because the leaks downstairs weren't droplets and was shocked to see all the wet spots. I put buckets out and thought to myself that Dad's brain must be frozen because it seems nuts to put the buckets on the first floor when its the roof that's leaking onto the second floor.

I don't think the resident ghost is too happy about the leaks. I keep hearing footsteps walking back and forth and across the floor above me. Dad says its probably echoes from people being upstairs in the buildings surrounding us, but I don't think so... when this occurred we were the only open store on our side of the street.

My belly dance instructor is having a party Sat nite. I'm excited and have a cool outfit to wear, along with a belt that has bells and other clatter things on it. I'll be shaking and shimmying my groove thing. Her husband is Military and she said she's told him to invite sexy GI's. There goes my plan to be a good girl until Christmas.

But other than that, life's ok. Busy at work and doing all kinds of Christmas Shopping. I'll be finished by next week. Then it will be a mad rush to bake cookies, candy and other goodies for my gift baskets.

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