Friday, November 18, 2005

What a #&$%#&#@8%$# Day

Hey, thanks John, Jo and Sarah hb for the get well wishes. I'm feeling better today...running on 60%... though I started out at 70%.

We've been waiting for a delivery from the UPS guy since 11 this morning... Dad's film. He's got some appointments this afternoon and he's out looking for the driver. I swear, he's driven me crazy today. Going on wild UPS goose chases. Our regular driver is on vacation, so the guy who has the route today is doing it his way. Instead of calling some of the other photographers who use the same type of film and asking to purchase a roll from them, Dad's been stressing out, cursing and driving around on speculation.

Tomorrow is Christmas Parade day. We haven't taken time to put the Xmas tree in the window. I've been fighting with telemarketers in disguise...aka..Charity donations. One's called 3 times. What part of N-O is misunderstood??

In other words... it's been a hectic day.

After work tomorrow I plan to park it on the couch and rest. I need to get my strength back. I'm running on fumes now.

So... have a great weekend ... I hope to get more of my novel posted. I'm still connecting the dots.

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