Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Harry Potter was not a Rotter

I enjoyed the movie, except for the gum-popping ninny behind me... it was a pretty good movie. Much better than #3... they changed things to fit but most of the things changed were allowable. When I heard Dobbie and Winkey weren't going to be in the movie, I was a bit apprehensive about how they were going to explain the Mark at the World Q-cup. Barty Jr. made it in the book and he made it in this movie...but with his own wand. I can live with that. I wonder if people who hadnt read the book knew that though?

In the last movie, there were many moments wasted on cool visual effects that could have been used to explain the story --like the maurader's map... there was no mention that James--Harry's dad, Sirius, Lupin and Wormtail made the map and used it to get around the school. Also, the whomping tree... it was shown a lot in the movie but no mention was made that it was planted over the shack that Lupin used in school during the night's he was a werewolf...nor was it explained that James, Sirius and Wormtail learned to be animuses so that they could help control Lupin when he was a werewolf.

I didn't like that at all.

But the Goblet of Fire...well, it passed 98% of my approval rating... they worked around Dobby not being in the movie, yes they embellished the dragon challenge but it didn't take away from the story, the fact they added Barty Crouch Jr into the scenes with Wormtail and Vorty sort of got to me at first, but I didn't sit and shout "what the hell?" at the screen like I did in the Priz of Az.

I give a standing applaud to Ralph Fiennes who played Voldemort. He brought the villian to life with the creepiness only Ralph can do.

They also used the kids we all love this time...last movie they had kids speaking lines and I was like..who is that kid? This time we see more of Nevelle, Ginny, Seamus and the very funny Weasley Twins...they crack me up.

My one regret was the small scene where Sirius's face was seen in the embers of the fireplace. I love Gary Oldman and was sad to see his part trimmed.

The ending seemed the lack steam... I'm talking about the goodbyes at school. Harry didn't appear to be bearing a lot of weight from the death of Cedric, seeing his dead parents or fighting Voldemorte like he did in the book. It was Hermoine who showed a bit of unease and Harry was the one comforting her.

But all in all... I give it an A-... it's by far my favorite Harry Potter movie to date.

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