Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday again

I'm finally here... at work. Truck wouldn't start until this afternoon due to condensation on the engine. We had a horrible rain yesterday and today has been warmer and humid. Water stood in puddles under the carpot and my truck was covered in condensation. When I opened the hood I saw that the motor was wet with condensation. My uncle came over and we checked the battery, starter, etc and so on... I said, "I wonder if the engine's too wet to fire." He said I could be on to something.

My mom called my brother to ask him something and he told her the truck wouldn't crank. She told my sister who sent her husband over...and he wanted to take a screwdriver and remove a few things. I said no. It would crank once the engine dried off. Then he told me everything I should do to the truck, like grease the tire irons, spray something on the engine to keep oil from getting in the gas, put some caps on something, etc... that's Randy though, he likes to talk about stuff he doesn't know what he's talking about. I humored him a little and agreed with him.

I guess he called my sister who told my mom that the truck needed this and that, etc. She called me and I said, "Mom, the engine's wet from the rain. It will crank once it's dry." To add clout I said, " Uncle Jerry says so." She must of called her boyfriend/fiance John F ...he came over and when he tried it, the truck fired right up. I looked at the engine and it was dry. He used to run a service station and he said, "I told your mother that you were probably right."

I drove the truck around so the engine would get hot enough to burn the rest of the dampness off. I didn't get to work until 2.

Things weren't too chaotic. I'm behind a bit but will catch up once I can of dad's buddies is here and they're arguing politics. It's too cool to run my fan and drown them out.

I had a nice weekend. I'll try to write about it later.

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