Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wednesday Funk

Where's my afro wig, my rhinestone studded pantsuit and my platform shoes?

Too bad it's not that kind of funk.

Went to bed with it...woke up with it... and its still hanging onto me, like an ugly monkey on my back.

Funks are weird...they're never about one thing. A cauldron of poisons brewing...self-doubt, that horrible sense of loss I get on this day, the burden of my caretaker role, Seth dropping off the face of the earth just to name a few. Funk..Funk Stew... have a helping? I can't eat it all by myself.

I'm good at hiding my funks. Lipstick paints a smile... glasses hide the eyes...and my pre-recorded joking ways set to play.

I voted voice was heard but didn't count... at least not in the way I wanted. The Pro Park people won in a landslide. It was all I had to vote for. All our government positions in my district weren't up for re-election.

It's printing day... I'm off to pull up the novel file and invent my own world, manipulate people and cause chaos or wonder with my imagination.

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