Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm feeling better today. Got a lot of work done yesterday. Belly dance was fun and when I got home, Lisa and the nephews were there. She dropped by to get something one of them left the other day.

I made a Christmas List with all our names on it. Decorated it with Xmas stickers and sketches. We're slowly adding gift suggestions. William was in the den, looking at a Toy catalog. Under his breath, he was reciting the list. He's memorized it. Funny kid. Wish he would memorize important stuff like his spelling words, etc.

I spent a long time off line writing last night. But like a dummy I forgot to email myself the file so I would have it here at work.

This morning, I turned on the tv to check the weather station, see what we were in store for today. Instead of pressing 2-0... I pressed 2-9... got Nick Jr. It was suddenly clear that I'm a Stepford-Aunt. The nephews have me trained to immediately go to their favorite channel. To do their bidding. I''m doomed...I'm doomed.

Still no word from Seth. Though I try not to think of him, I find myself remembering intimate details or a joke we shared. Oh well, life goes on.

I've changed a lot over the last few years. I don't sweat things as much, let stuff roll off me, even if it hurts at first. I'm more tolerant and forgiving... willing to take chances and am getting used to the idea that I can't control my life and instead adjust to the changes...that I should live for each day and love instead of hate or be resentful or bitter.

Like the saying goes... "Life is short--Art is long."

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