Monday, November 21, 2005


Another one arrived.

Had an ok weekend. Was very Lazy. Oh.. Happy Birthday Lorraine... I read about the noodle incident in the newspaper... I sure hope those male exotic dancers are eventually found and if you sold them into white slavery without letting me get first pick, I'm gonna be upset with you.

My mom has to have minor dental surgery tomorrow. That means its up to me to cook the T-day feast. Can I do it? You bet, but if I don't get over this viral thing, I'll not feel like giving it my best. Granny's driving in tomorrow, too.

My brother is going to Georgia to visit relatives and will miss the dinner. He's excited and so am I ..I'll have the house to myself this weekend. I'm going to have some friends over Saturday night. Haven't entertained in ages.

Other than that... life's status quo...

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