Friday, January 30, 2009

Dinner with Shook'em Up

Sherry Shook'em up and I had dinner at San Jose. Caught up on what happened after high school...etc. Did a lot of laughing. Bryan and Donna were supposed to come along but both didn't make it. Donna had to work over and Bryan's daughter spent the night wih him. Talked to Donna this morning and she said that we weren't suppose to talk about 'good stuff' without her. That she's jealous she missed out on gossip. I asked her just what were we suppose to talk about...she said, "Nothing. Just eat." LOL..she's a riot.

What's funny is that in the middle of dinner, my cell rang & I said "Bet that's Mr. Glazed Donut (Bryan)." Wrong it was Bon and I freaked, which made Sherry laugh. I tried to hide the phone under my purse as it rang. It was so funny. She kept saying "Answer it" and I kept saying, "But what if she finds out about US??" She said, "Don't tell her you're with me!!" I'm sure the people in the surrounding booths wondered what was up!

Called her when I got home and I don't know why I was worried. She went right into whatever it was on her mind. I listened and once she finished, I told her I had to run. I'm less stressed and drained now that I don't get drawn into her drama. Life's tough enough without negative people in your life.

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