Monday, January 19, 2009

Catch me I'm falling..

Remember that song from the late 80's....

Well..I wish someone had caught me this morning...I fell today at Al's house...or rather outside on his driveway. After putting my junk in the truck, I was walking back to his house to get my coffee mug and say good-bye... and bang, I slide on a patch of wet pine straw that was on the walkway and landed on my left side. My left knuckles are scratched up and swollen..not broken..just swollen and my left knee and elbow got skinned up. My hip and shoulder aches. I'm glad this happened in the winter time...I believe my coat, thick sweater and jeans kept me from getting scraped up even worse. I shudder when I think of what could have happened if I had of been wearing shorts and a tank top.

The last four or so days have been up-side the upside down show on the Noggin channel that comes on late at night...ever seen it. It's rather funny.

Maybe I'll blog about it last few days, not the show...right now it's taken forever to type with one hand. And I need to get some more ice for my knuckles.

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Bob said...

Ouch, hon, sorry to hear about the fall... what is it with my friends today? My exgf Susan emailed me that she fell outside her house too... should I warn B now?