Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 Random Thingies about Moi.

1) I don't pick up pennies if they are tails up. I consider it to be potently bad luck to even touch the coin. If I came across a thousand pennies all tails up, I would leave them.

2) I love coffee but I truly adore the flavored creamers.

3) When I see a crescent moon, I believe that it is Thomas (Teez) smiling down at me from Heaven. He is my guardian angel.

4) I have a major crush on Sportacus from the kids' show Lazy Town.

5) Since 2003, I've participated in the national novel month writing challenge each November. So far I've written 6 novels--all in various stages of editing.

6) Every Friday night my nephews and I dance like robots for twenty minutes.

7) As a Scorpio, I don't believe in getting even--I get revenge.

8) Back in 1997, Dale Earnhardt Jr checked out my butt at a gas station in Monroe. I was heading to Al's house in York, SC. I didn't know who he was until I saw him getting into his Dale Earnhardt Jr racing truck.

9) I think Tom Jones will be hot even when he's 90.

10) Haiku moments during drives uplift my soul.

11) I believe in ghosts and the supernatural.

12) My compulsive buying fetishes are nail polish and lip stick.

13) I have over 100 audio books on CD.

14) When I was around 5, I thought baby alligators were really baby dinosaurs. And I thought that birds flew South..to South Carolina in the winter. Also, I thought that North Carolina won the war between the state(s)... that the civial war was between NC and SC....

15) I want to learn how to read and speak Spanish so that I can read Pablo Neruda's poetry in his native tongue.

16) I hate pancakes, candied yams and cream of wheat.

17) I save Chinese Fortunes and use them as book marks.

18) My nicknames are "Sherbears," "Sherrie-cat," "Sher-Rose" and "P.H."...it will cost you $20 to find out what P.H. stands for.

19) In 2001, I went on over 25 blind dates and considered becoming a nun. (just kiddin' about the Nun part).

20) My favorite flower is a daisy, because daisies don't tell.

21) I am an excellent cook.

22) I used to read Tarot cards.

23) I believe in miracles and the power of prayer and the power of love.

24) My oldest nephew says that I am his best friend, there fore he refuses to call me Aunt.

25) Vultures fascinate me.

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