Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dinner with some Chicks & Dicks

I invited several classmates to have dinner tonight at the new Ruby Tuesday to discuss reunion issues, etc. I've given them nicknames: Donna-got-er-gun (She's a detective with the PD), Sherry Shook-em-up (her last name is Shook), Bon-Bon-E (my fair weather friend), Dr. Phil Good (He's a PA at the ER) and Bryan-Pieman (he owns the local bakery)...oh and me, Sherrie-Queen of the Fucking Reunion.

Yesterday afternoon was a tough one for me...I suddenly was hit by sorrow and grief...missing Teez. After work I went to the drug store to get some advil, etc and wandered around, feeling as if I needed something but didn't know what. I realized I was heading for a massive depression if I didn't do something... I am good at keeping things to myself from real-life people. No one can tell usually unless they know me like a book... but I don't want to get as bad as I got when I lost my baby. Teez would be upset if I did that. But I know he would understand these occasional days when I can't help but cry...

so I got some hair color... a bunch of gray has invaded's not that noticable but to me it is...and so tonight I'll become a bronze brown instead of this natural med reddish brown that is speckled with hard to see gray. Maybe the new look will make me feel better...along with some new lipstick and eye liner and nail polish.

One can change the outside but the inside remains the same. It's hard to white-wash it!

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