Monday, January 19, 2009

The Ways you Love Me

Every day I think to myself
that I'll never see you again...
never feel your touch or kiss...

But you surprised me with
a touch of fire in the
setting sun at dusk today.

As I stood watching it
fade into the pewter sky,
I felt a breeze on my cheek...

fingers of air in my hair,
caressing my ripe pink lips
soft as a kiss of sweet release.

Just when I think I'll die
from this sorrow that's been
with me since your death,

you somehow find a way to remind
me of the legacy you left for me,
the thirst of life--the thrill of love

and I embrace you in the forms
you choose to show yourself to me;
the ways you love me even now in death.

Sunset from Teez's front porch...


Bob said...

*speechless* soft applause

John said...

You rock, Shere. This is wonderful, and shows how you pick yourself up (with his help) after this kind of tragedy.