Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mild but not freezing

We've had crazy weather these last few weeks. Rain for a few days, sunshine/cold, then extreme cold, rain and do you see a vicious cycle storming? I've got bulbs in flower pots that need going in the ground and they're about to bloom because it's been to wet or cold to work in the yard. My congestion is coming back...I swear I've never seen a winter like this..well, at least not in ages.

Not sure where this blog post is gonna take bare with me.

Hmm...Updates? yeah...updates:

1) Nephews

Both guys are doing pretty good in school. William is learning how to do division (he's finding it difficult) but I push him to finish him homework and hope that he gets what we've done. Ben is a quick one. I think if his ADHD wasn't a factor he would rule the 2nd grade. For some reason Ben thinks McCain tried to 'kill' our Current present by dancing. It's such a funny idea that I can't help but wonder if it would have worked.

2) Work

Busy...thankfully. Not swamped but busy enough to not be stressful.

3) Al

Things are status quo. We are getting along really good and are actually having fun on the weekends. Sunday we spent the day at different Asian food marts looking for a rice cooker/warmer...found one and had some amazing rice with toasted seaweed wraps. Yum...I could eat some now. I've decided not to worry about the future...let it take care of itself. With the reunion coming up and me as Chief, my dance card is full. I think once it's over, I'll reevaluate my relationship with Al and what I truly want in the future and go from there.

4) Class Reunion

A few weeks ago, I met with a select group of classmates (Donna H--a police detective, Sherry S-an office manager, Bryan-bakery owner, Phillip--ER PA and... that's all to discuss the reunion. I had become very aggravated with Bon, who was telling fibs about me and my domineering ways regarding the reunion. That I wouldn't let her help with the plans (she must have forgotten the list of things I gave for her to check on) ...oh I don't even want to hash up what was said...let's just say that I got mad, which is something that rarely happens.

We had the meeting at Ruby Tuesday. I must say we had fun and beer. Bon brought her 7 yr-old with her and didn't eat or drink (it was too expensive). One of the things she told someone was that I had to understand that her children came first...well I did understand and I wondered to myself why she didn't FEED THE CHILD before showing up for the meeting. We were eating! None of us realized this until Bon was leaving... I would have bought the child dinner if I had known... anyway... we had the best time...all of us trying to check our language or topics of conversation was a bit of a wet rag but we did.

As the meeting went on and we finally settled down to discuss reunion issues, I noted Bon's body language and it wasn't warm and cozy. A few times I pointedly asked her opinion on things and she would answer "Whatever they decide." They meaning the rest of the group. When we were done, Bon huffed out. Phil had left early to see Bush's final speech. (He's head of the local Rep party). Donna, Sherry and I were standing in the parking lot saying goodbye... Bryan had already gone to his car, when Bon drives by us and I wave bye...She pointedly turns her head.

The final straw... I went home and thought about the reunion, weighed the pros and cons of a luau vs banquet hall/catering company.... and the later won. No luau. It's scratched. We're having it at Adelios at the Ramada Inn. I've booked them for May 30. Details are still uncertain. I hope to have things wrapped up in the next week.

And I haven't heard from Bon except once ...she called to ask if I had an extra copy of our class pic from the last reunion. I didn't. And that's all. B-free for almost 14 days. I come to the conclusion that she's a psychic vampire, draining my spirit of good feelings. She has the worst attitude of any person I've met and when we talk, I end up feeling drained. And I feel so much better now that I don't have to deal with her...with her out of the picture it seems as if others are more willing to help.

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