Monday, January 05, 2009


New Year's Eve was a quiet one for the most part. Al & I went over to my friend Michele's house for a while. She had a few people over. We ate some goodies and talked. Her teenaged son Sef and his friends popped by for a while before heading on unknown adventures.

He showed us one of those humane mouse traps. It seems Michele has a few mice popping in and out and instead of the usual snap & crush trap, she chose a humane one that traps the little rodent until you release it back into the wild world of your back yard.

I wanted to see the mouse but was afraid Sef would put it on me, so I squished that urge. We were sitting at the kitchen table by the sliding glass door. Sef promptly opens the door and tries to toss the mouse in the back yard. It escapes and lands in a bunch of flower pots beside the table that houses overgrown greenery, a prime place to hide. I tucked my feet under me. No way was a mouse gonna run up my pant leg.

Amid the mad rush of teens trying to catch a mouse with their hands, Al touched Michele's arm and said, "Let me get this trap the mouse and then release it out the back door?"

She said, "Yes. I've caught about 12 little mice this way. I hate killing them."

He laughed. "You do realize that the mice are probably imediately coming back into the house? You're most likely catching the same mouse."

She didn't say anything. Just looked confused for a moment. I let out a huge laugh and said, "Hey, you should put some kind of mark on their backs to see if they return."

"You think I should paint them yellow, Sherrie?" asked Michele with a laugh. We totally lost it. No one else was laughing, just M &I. Later after we got home Al said, "I can see why like Michele so much. She's as silly as you are. I can see you doing the same thing with the mouse trap. Catching one and then tossing it right out the back door."

No way.. I'm a snap & crush kinda gal!