Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Weekend in Review

My head's much better. I didn't have any headache Saturday or Sunday...nor Monday or Today. I guess it's not cracked up after all.

I worked extra hard on Friday and was able to take the day off on Saturday. When I got home Friday to change and get my things together, the boys were excited to see me. William made a 100 on his project. I'm so proud of him. And Ben... he didn't get a good conduct sticker...but I'll write more about that later.

I changed into a pair of black slacks and a black short sleeve sweater. Ben asked me why I was wearing 'different' stuff...because he didn't see me wear it earlier. lol...the logic of kids. When I told them I was going to Al's, William said, "But I'll miss you." I hugged him, and explained that I needed 'grown-up time.'

The anniversary dinner was great. We went to the 360 seafood restaurant. I had the grilled flounder. Very yumilicous! Everyone had a nice time. The husband of the celebrating couple tripped me out a bit. I sat across from him and watched him eat after I was finished. He ordered a huge plate of steamed, crab legs, oysters, clams and shrimp. He was talking to Al and I watched him pick up a shrimp, dipping it in sauce without shelling it first. I thought that maybe he was involved in talking and didn't pay attention to what he was doing. But...he bit into the shrimp--shell and all. I figured he swallowed it because he didn't want anyone to notice he had made a mistake. But I was wrong... he ate all his shrimp with the shells on. And... he buttered and sour creamed his baked potato and picked it up with his hands as if it were corn on the cob and ate across the top of it like it was an ear of corn. I wanted to ask him about his shrimp but didn't know how to approach him. He has lived in the Asian world on and off during his Air Force years and I wonder if that's where he learned to eat shrimp shells.

Saturday-- Al had to work and I hung out with the cat. We did some housework and read. I watched some football. The Georgia Tech/Gators game and the Wake Forest/Carolina game. My ECU Pirtes kicked ass but I didn't get to see them. I had dinner ready when he got home. We stayed up a while and then hit the hay.

Sunday--was football day. The Panthers totally wig out after the first quarter or two. I knew Peyton Manning's crew would kill them but I hoped they would have made it tougher. I cooked some great food. Chuck eye steaks grilled on the George Foreman for lunch and for din...Chicken and veggies baked in white wine. And I made brownies. Al was a happy guy.

I felt very relaxed and rested Monday morning. Ah...the comforts of a lazy weekend.

Course I wasn't prepared for Fall when I walked outside yesterday...I didn't have any long pants or long sleeved shirts... talk about hard nipples! All day long!

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