Friday, October 05, 2007


Man, it's gonna take a while to get used to the new glasses. My eyes got really tired last night after wearing them for 12 hours. I don't want to run to the Dr. Office with a complaint until I give my eyes time to adjust. The new prescription is stronger. I need to remember that.

I'm beginning to get into the groove of Survivor. I dislike more of the contestants than usual. I really liked James the Grave digger until him and that stupid poker player guy John-Robert showed how arrogent they were while looking for clams or snails or whatever they were looking for. They said plenty of sexist stuff in hearing range of topic--Courtney, the skinny chick from NYC.

And CSI... poor Sara. She has never seemed to really fit in with the crew. Since it's out that she and Grissom are an item, she's moving to swing shift. I felt tears well in my eyes, watching that last scene where all the gang is at a go-kart track and she's standing on the side with arm in a cast, watching them. Her battle to keep tears back and the song playing really moved me. And on another note, I hope they don't put Warwick and Catherine together. I know there's always been a bit of flirtation between them...but one intra-CSI romance is enough.

Haven't caught any of the new shows. I know, my bad. I'm ready for Nip/Tuck to return. And am enjoying the antics of Larry David on Curb.

I did catch a neat show at 7 pm on the Animal Planet channel. "After the Attack"-- people who have been attacked by Grizzlies, cougars, etc relive the event and face 'tamed/trained' animals to put their fears to rest. It was really interesting. I will keep an eye out for that show.

Gosh...came on to write about my glasses and somehow ended up on television shows.

and now... on to porn...


Bob said...

I was mad too, at the grave digger on Survivor... couldn't believe he would get along with JR like he did... I keep watching it, but this season doesn't have my full attention... feel sorry for Sara too... I guess this is her way of maybe leaving the show? Or being half in it, half out?

Good luck with the new glasses, I hope the adjustment time goes quick... I'm in bad need of new ones too... *hug*

John said...

Caught one very strange, but interesting show last week. Pushing Daisies. It had a little of a Twin Peaks feel, but funnier.