Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Spider Vs. Sherrie

and the spider almost won! Thursday night was a total bitch! I couldn't sleep because if anything touched my right thumb it was excuricating. Plus it was really cool that night. I think the temp dipped to 41 F in the house. I put 3 blankets on my bed. Everytime I tried to put my cold right hand under them, I thought my thumb would fall off.

I slept very poorly. Woke up early so that I could pick up the magnolia cucumbers (seed ponds) out of the front yard. Mom's boyfriend was gonna come by and mow the yard for me. But when I put on my old t-shirt, I noticed that my right arm had long red streaks extending from the bite. Freaked me out.

I soaked the whole arm in Espom salt. But it pained me anyway. I barely got through the day with my work. When I got home Friday night, I soaked it some more. It felt a little better Saturday morning but the streaks were worse. So I spent all of the weekend babying my arm. It's better today. The tracks were the streaks were are still very sore, as if I bruised my arm.

Today the bite is looking good. No more pus or clear stuff leaking out (yea, don't you love to read gross stuff) and the swelling is down 80%. My arm is still a bit sore but I can type with both hands today and that's an accomplishment.

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Bob said...

Wow, that's scary, with the streaks... I once got bit by one of those tiny lil' jumping spiders, and had a small black spot there for a few weeks... stung like hell too, for such a little bite... but yours sounds so much worse... still no super powers yet tho, huh?