Monday, October 08, 2007

Fair is as Fair does

Somehow I got wang-dangled into going to the County Fair with my sister and the nephews Saturday. We had fun. I'll post a few photos after I upload them to my pc at home. William rode a lot more rides than last year. We got some cotton candy and lemon-ade at a price that was beyond ridiculous. I think what got me the most was how rude the carnies were. Geeezzzz. Come on Guys, act like you like the job even if you don't.

I drove up to Al's later. He worked until 7 pm. I cooked some chuck eye steaks and made a large salad. We turned in early. He worked Sunday until almost 4. I watched the Panthers game and wondered out loud many times if we would pull it off. And we did.

I was happy to see that ECU won. Made my day.

It was sort of a quiet weekend. I guess we all need them sometimes.

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