Thursday, October 25, 2007

Birthday Aftermaths and headaches

I wasn't around much yesterday due to a severe headache that I got from hitting my head on something. It almost knocked my lights out.

My birthday wasn't too bad. The highlight was chatting with J. And Ben's birthday drawing --he and I as pumpkin king and queen.

Al and I had a huge argument later that bad that he actually hung up on me. It was one of those s/he said things. Funny how different the sexes communicate and how extreme the interpretations. I actually cried myself to sleep.

He drove down yesterday to apologize in person, but the damage was done and hard to fix. I was almost at the point of saying that I can't do this anymore, but he didn't give up until he made things better. Something he has never done in the past.

Love isn't about fuzzy romantic things--it's about working out differences and finding a sane middle ground to work together on.

My head is still achy and the bump is still there but my heart doesn't hurt. I'll take a headache over heartache any day.


John said...
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John said...

make up sex will do that. next time, stay clear of the headboard ;)

Painter Lady said...

I don't mind sex related head injuries. ;)

sarah hb said...

Hugs xx