Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fair Photos

William wouldn't get on a horse. But Ben did--the one right behind the seats. I couldn't get a shot of Ben looking at me. William grinned at me everytime he rode by. There's a little chubby kid in the seat behind Will. I watched as he tried to climb onto a horse but couldn't get his leg over. When his Dad, who was just as chubby saw him sitting in the seat, he asked, "Son, don't you want to ride a horse?" The boy gave a resigned shrug. I felt for him.

Cowboy Ben on the pony right before we left. William declined a ride. The grin on Ben's face is his mischievious grin. The one that he gives right before he gets into trouble.

This Mondy he didn't get a sticker because he wrote on the floor at school. I laughed but not out loud. This kid has balls of steel for a 6-yr-old. His desk is right smack in front of the teacher's. What he wrote... remains a mystery.

Back to the fair. It was fun. Next year I think I'll buy get on some of the more adult rides with William... live alittle, be young again.

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