Friday, October 26, 2007


I'm feeling some better today. Probably because it's Friday and that means I can escape for the weekend. It's been a long week of school, homework, headaches and rutabagas.

My mind is so fried today. All week I've been helping William with his homework. He's had a project to do, which we did. It was on Lumberton, NC. We did a poster. Then we had to practice multiplication tables and his math superstars (practice word problems like, "Ricardo is 4 years older than his sister Rosa. If you combine their ages the sum is 14. How old is Ricardo and Rosa?" I can figure it out, but he's having a hard time with math. Plus we had to do his spelling words and other homework, like reading his library book and assigned story from his reading book.

And Ben... his homework is easy. After all he's in the first grade. We have his done in a span of 10 mins.

With Lisa being at the house, I'm having to do more cooking. She tries to help but her idea of washing dishes is to run them under hot water and scrub them with my bottle brush.

Her wound is healing nicely. She still can't move her head any. The incision is clear and not red. I help her put ointment on it in the mornings and at night. I think she's getting the stitches out Tuesday.

And... Monday...there's teachers' workday and that means I don't have to drive the kids to school and can stay over at Al's Sunday night. Yay!

I'm going there tonight. He and I are invited to an anniversary dinner. If I get all my work done today, I'll probably stay until Monday morning. I could use an extended break from my house. Mom will stay with Lisa and the boys so I can get a break. Gotta love Moms!

To those of you whom I haven't emailed or sent offlines...well, I'm sorry and hope that I can catch up next week.

Love ya guys and have a safe weekend.

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sarah hb said...

I really hope you have a lovely weekend and are able to relax and recover from the stress you've undergone recently.