Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spidey to the Rescue

While in my little storage barn, I think I got bitten by a spider. There's a funny looking swell of blisters on my right thumb. They are a little painful but not as painful as last night. Before I went to sleep I took a sterile needle and popped them. When I woke up this morning I immediately felt the sting from the bite. So I popped the blisters again to relieve the pressure, took a hot shower and then added some anti-fungus lotion to the blisters. A few years ago my sister had a bad spider bite and her doctor said to use anti-fungus lotion and the bite healed faster.

So I'm digging in the medicine cabinet for a band aid and all I have are spiderman and Spongebob band aids. I picked the lesser of two evils--Spiderman. It's colorful and blends in with my red top and denim shorts.

But I did make a mental note to buy some adult band aids.

Hmmm wonder if I have any spidey super powers?

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