Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday is fun day

Sorry I haven't had time to blog. My sister's surgery went well. She went in at 10 am and was out of the operating room at 1 pm. We had her home by 4. She did great. The tumor turned out to be a thryoglossal cyst, something that is rare in adults. It was almost the size of a ping-pong ball. She's got a mean cut across her throat and can't chew very well for now. Since she can't do much, she's staying with me and I'm taking care of the mini me's.

Getting them to school on time Friday was a trick but we had our act together this morning and they were there before the first bell rang.

A bunch of people came by yesterday to see Lisa. They asked some nutty questions;

"Will the stitches melt on their own or does the doctor have to remove them?"

"Did you wear underwear during the surgery?"

"Did your doctor stay for the whole surgery?"

"Will you wear turtlenecks now?"

"Does it hurt?"

and my favorite: "Why did they cut your throat when they could have gone down your throat and cut there?"

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