Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I was at the Walmart Sunday. Notice I put a 'the' in front of Walmart... don't really know why... anyways, I was walking by the produce section and had to stop by a bin of watermelons so that a crowd of Mexicans could get by me. Gathered around the watermelons were three blondse, trying to figure out how to test a watermelon's ripeness. A GI happened to pass by and overheard their discussion. He smiled and said, "You smell the ends of the watermelon. That's how you tell if it's ripe."

He walked off and I stood there for a few moments watching the blondes pick up watermelons and smell the ends. One of them said, "We should have asked him what it's suppose to smell like."

I glanced past the girls and saw the GI and a few of his buddies standing in the shadows, watching the girls and laughing their asses off.

You know...there should be a law against fucking with dingy blondes.

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John said...

no...no there shouldn't. If there was, they'd be completely useless. Well, maybe not completely, but close.