Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Teacher says...

and that's precisely what Ben does at school. His first-grade teacher sends a monthly calendar home every day, showing how he behaved. If he is a good little boy, he gets a sticker. If he isn't...he gets a note describing his behavior. Out of 3 weeks of school, he's only received 4 stickers. His downfall is talking during their work periods.

My sister is at her wit's end. She's punished him by taking away privileges, ect. I've had several long talks with him. So has Mom and my brother. But nothing works. I don't think they will because Ben is a pack member. If someone else is doing it, he's right in there. According to the teacher's note, there are 4 boys getting into trouble for talking or acting silly. She breaks them apart but they still do things to make each other laugh. I can see Ben going along with this. He followed the crowd all during his pre-school years. Last year in Kindergarten a boy was pretending to wipe his butt with napkins during lunch. Ben jumps into the fray by doing it too. And gets in trouble along with the boy. Ben likes to be the center of attention, even if that means he'll get into trouble. Hell, he does it at home. I've witnessed it countless times and all Lisa does is call his name and give him a threatening look.

Friday is his birthday. He'll be six years old. Maybe he'll begin to calm down a bit. He's very immature for his age and I pray that he'll settle down and be a good boy. But it's not up to his mother or his family to make him do this. It has to come from inside Ben.

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