Friday, September 21, 2007


Well, not really... just sorta.

I am printing photos today and goofing off online. Nothing much going on. Should be catching up on some emails but I'll do that latter...or not.

I watched Survivor last night. So far not many of the newbies are interesting enough to write about. I thought the ritual before the tribal separation was awesome. And I was amazed at how irreverant the NYC girl was... and how the Jesus girl ran out of the ceremoney even after Jeff P said it wasn't a religious ceremony.

I guess I'll pull for someone eventually. I think that the first challenge was boring. And that the tribe who went to tribal counsel shouldn't have gotten fire. In the past they've made the losing tribe earn it by winning rewards.

If Survivor goes soft this will be my last one.

And I can't wait for CSI next week...will Sara live or die? I guess it depends if she signs her

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