Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rainy Days and Thirstday

always get me.... wet...

For some crazy reason I'm really thirsty for water today. Plus it's raining. There could be a connection.

Had to take my Bro to see Dr. M for his bi-yearly eye exam. I did some errand while he was in there...and I even had a chance to set in the lounge and read some groovy cool wildlife magazines.

Life is good when you can check out a silver fox or horny owl.

Or horny anything... heh heh...

I read in my friend Robert's 360 blog a retort he gave to a person who commented negatively someplace about his poetry. And it reminded me of this. I deleted a comment a few days ago which said that my blog was so boring no one wanted to comment. It was posted on Ben's birthday post. That stupid comment ruined part of my day... why did this person have to say this. Why the negative energy? I really don't care who reads me... I went to his blog and it was all controversial crap...people blasting subjects like Brit Spears, Paris Hilton and other topics in the same vein. I almost commented but decided to ignore this perosn. Then I went back to my blog and deleted the post. Why let him ruin my tribute to Ben. Like J said in his email to me regarding the subject, "Don't let some asshole stranger ruin even a minute of your life."

He's right...why should we let negative people ruin our day, especially with crap that doesn't matter.

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