Monday, September 24, 2007

God Lives Under your Bed

Don't ya just love forwards??? I don't mind the funny ones. When I send one out, I always try to make sure it's funny. But not everyone does this. Some people live to send forwards. I've got one 'friend' who sends me everything from dating site spam forwards to Christian stuff. It gets so bad that I have to reply with a smart ass remark so that she'll get pissed off and won't send me anything until she 'forgives me.' I used to politely ask her not to send everything but she ignored me.

For the last few weeks, she's been slowly increasing her forwards and when I logged on at lunch I had 8 from her. The last was this: "God Lives Under your Bed."

So I clicked on 'reply to all' and wrote:

He does? Well, can he get rid of the dust bunnies that live there too?


John said...

If He does, why doesn't He answer when you're screaming...





Painter Lady said...


I totally lost it on this comment..