Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ben

Today is Little Bird's birthday. That's what I call Ben...Little Bird. His other nickname is "Ben Bug"...his first daycare teacher dubbed him that.

I spent most of the morning getting the house ready for the party. Wrapped presents--mine, mom's and my brother's. Even did a gag present... put a Super Mario t-shirt in the bottom of a Pink with White Polka dots gift bag..on top of that I put a doll that I recently purchased for a Christmas gift. Should be funny when he pulls the doll out. Will have to make sure I got the camera ready.

Tomorrow Lisa's tossing a party for him at the bowling alley. She's invited a few of his friends. I guess I'll pop in and take some photos. William is excited too. He asked if I would be his date for the party. I said sure.

The day Ben was born was only 3 days after 9/11. A horribly sad time. But we were all so happy that Ben was born. I remember feeling momentarily pangs of guilt for being so happy when the nation was mourning so many tragic losses.

He's our baby bird and I'm honored to watch him...

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