Monday, September 10, 2007

Chuck Norris

Al and I were watching TV last night--mainly Football. But during the Cowboy game, Al kept flipping channels. We came across a documentary and stopped it on that. A total gym commercial came on--there's Chuck Norris pumping iron. I noticed his beard was gone and that his hair and 'stache were a funky shade of red.

So I asked Al: "Is that the real Chuck Norris?"

He said, "I know of only ONE Chuck Norris."

"But where's his beard? He has another fist behind his beard and it's gone.'

Al said, "WHATT???" while giving me the look--the one that he gives when he thinks I'm nuts.

Mulling it over, I said, "I guess he could have moved the fist. Maybe it's behind his 'stache...or under the hair of one of his armpits."

Al changed the channel back to the Cowboy game and said, "I think you think of this stuff just to torture me, because I never know if you're serious."

I smiled. "I don't. In fact I can think of better forms of torture that are much more pleasurable."

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