Friday, September 07, 2007


I've been having crazy dreams these past few weeks. One sort of keeps recurring but with different variations.

Dream Version 1: "I'm on the street in front of the studio, talking to old High School classmates about having a class reunion and the studio catches on fire. I don't notice because all my attention is on the reunion and the building burns down itn the meantime. When I realize it's gone, I turn from my classmates to survey the damage in horror and when I turn back around to talk to them, they're gone.

Dream Version 2: Al and I are at a mall and we run into about 20 of my HS classmates. We discuss a reunion and in the meantime Al wanders off. Next thing I know we hear gunshots and someone is shooting at Al. I yell for my classmates to help me stop the person but they walk away.

Dream Version 3: The nephews and I are trying to all fit on the same bike..a tricycle. We're on a sidewalk by Walmart. I see some classmates and walk away to talk to them, telling the boys to stay by the tricycle. When I look back to check on the boys, they've disappearred. I frantically search for them in the parking lot, weeping and begging my old friends to help but they start talking amongst themselves. Luckily I find the boys playing in on the shopping carts left at the shopping cart return spot.

I know what this means.. I fear that I'm going to get sucked into a vaccum with the details of planning the reunion and it's going to affect my work and family and relationship. People swear they'll help me but I've learned the hard way that it's easy to say you'll help but hard to follow-through.

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