Friday, August 31, 2007

An Ode...

Ode to the Penis

Written in 1985

Oh sweet pleasure machine
you hardly are ever seen
packed inside a pair of tight jeans.
Though you don't look too lean,
if ever deprived I would turn quite mean;
rant and rave like an upset teen.

Oh heavenly member
I dearly do remember
all the passionate times
you were never limber
all hot and ready like a glowing ember.

Oh handsome prick
the one I'll always pick
to love, kiss and lick.
Who cares if your on Tom, Harry or Dick
as long as you're able
to give me a first-rate stick.
No other part of the anatomy
could bestow such a great kick.

Oh glorious cherry taker,
you create me a virtue forsaker.
I'll never be an orgasmic faker
cause of your assorted techniques,
you estacy maker.

Oh Blessed God,
Let my lovers all have a fine bod
with a hot loaded wad,
nothing antique but completely mod
with variated techniques
both standard and odd.

(I swear there should be a law against horny co-eds writing poetry
while drunk)

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