Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Curb Your Enthusiasm is back!

I love this show. Larry David is a flipping comedy genuis. My friend Doug turned me on to this series. He kept saying, "Watch it, you'll love it. Larry David has your sense of humor." So I finally watched an episode and promptly fell on the floor laughing. Mind you, the humor is dark and sly so many people won't find it humorous at all. In fact they'll think Larry is a (insert any insulting noun you can think of here).

I watched the premiere of the new series last night. Forgot to watch it Sunday. I won't spoil the storyline for those of you who may want to watch it after reading this. I'm sure HBO will run it to death this week, like they do any series. But in one part of the show, Larry and His wife Cheryl go to order a cake for a party they're throwing for a family they've adopted who lost their home in a hurricane. A friend of Larry's told them to go to this shop to get this delicious cake...and when they get there, they ask for the cake, dropping their friend's name. The guy pulls out the cake from his display case and's a huge chocolate penis cake. Larry promptly wiggs out and turns to his wife saying "He knowingly served us Penis."

Oh I fell on the floor with that one...

The show is great. Larry always gets in these crazy schemes usually by accident, because he has a loopy way of thinking and is a bit of a social outcast who's managed to stay in the graces of the Hollywood scene.

Watch it... if you don't find yourself laughing at some point, then maybe you should go buy yourself a sense of humor.

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