Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Still Coughing

but alive!

Somehow I made it through yesterday. Got home and there were Mom and the boys. I almost stayed in my automobile for the night. But I mustered up some courage and went in.

As I went to my room to put my things up, I saw William and Ben quietly sitting on the spare bed in the computer room waiting for my brother to get off the PC.

I coughed and Ben said, "Are you still sick, Aunt Sherrie?" I nodded, still coughing. He said, "Then why didn't you stay home. Why did you go to work?"

Clearing my throat, I said, "I had to go to work. NO choice." Then I put my hands on my hips and surveyed them. To both I said, "SoooOoooo...who has homework?"

Ben raised his hand. William just stared at me then said, "I do. What are you going to do about it?"

My brother snorted. I was taken aback. And had no answer to it. Silence followed with both boys staring at me. I replied dryly, "Either cry or run away. I don't know which I'll do."

But what I did do was lie down for about 20 mins and then faced homework. And somehow got through the night.

I'm feeling a little better but not much. My sleep was very restless last night, as if I was overly tried. So I'm thinking that about 3 cups of coffee should get me back on cue.

Hope the day is a good one... I'm off to work.

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