Monday, April 21, 2008

Shoot me and get it over with

My stance on smoking is if you do it, it's your life not mine. I don't smoke and yes, I've tried it in college, but once I got bronchial pneumonia, I stopped. I've dated smokers, putting up with the smell because I was in love.

But not fact I am very sensitive to smoke nowadays. One of Dad's minnows comes by every day and spends an hour or more chain smoking. Friday he smoked 6 cigarettes in 45 mins. It felt as if my mouth and nose were full of smoke. Since Dad's a closet smoker he doesn't tell the guy not to smoke and gets mad if I make a big deal about it. But on Friday, as soon as the building was covered in smoke, I started coughing, my sinuses closed up and I felt terrible.

Over the weekend, I slowly became worse. When the guy came in today, I told him that I had a respiratory bug and asked if he wouldn't you think he didn't. Hell no, he smoked up a storm and didn't acknowledge my coughing. But I'll tell you this much...he didn't like it when I sprayed him with air neutralizing spray.

Dad doesn't say anything...and believes I take it to far, when his friend is here. If he smoked only one or two during the course of his visit...the smoke wouldn't bother me as much, because I turn on my osculating fan and it diffuses most of it...but when you chain smoke enough to cause a person's mouth to taste as if they've Frenched an ashtray, then by golly...that's too much.

If his plan is to slowly kill me with second-hand smoke, I beg of him...just shoot me and get it over with.

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