Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dan Patrick... asshole of the week (reposted)

I was so appalled when I was writing this on Saturday that I had to save it to draft, or so I thought until I came on today to finish writing it...and saw that I had accidentally posted it Saturday...

I have an issue with The Dan Patrick Show . On April 9th, he and his cohost made rude comments and jokes about the baby in India who was born with one head and two complete faces. They said things like "Do both sets of eyes blink at the same time?" and "Wonder which mouth she eats with" and the one that really caused me to exhale a shocked breath--"Wonder how her plumbing works?"

This is an innocent child. It's not her fault. How cruel and evil to do this... why do these radio hosts think they can say anything? I could understand if he was a crude shock jock who has no respect for humanity and uses any means to get his spot in the limelight. But his guy is a big time Sportscaster.

He should have more style than that. But arrogance can get in the way of good taste. And these comments were not in good taste. What if one of his devout listeners had a child with some sort of deformity? How would they feel if they heard this type of joking on his show? I'm sure they would be offended and even lose respect for him? After all, it's a sports show and not a lampoon everything in sight show. I know I lost a lot of respect for him.

I've told this to a few people and was even more shocked that they brushed it off...these same people were appalled at Mike Vick's dog-fighting scandal, yet show little concern over the cruel remarks about an innocent child. Is this what the world is coming too? If the comments made by Dan Patrick and his cohost had been racial, would the response be different?

There have been several times in my life when I've heard comments made by radio show hosts and jocks that have totally offended me, yet I did little at the time. Well, except one other incidence but that story is too long and has little to do with this post against Dan Patrick. I've decided to blog about this and to encourage others not to stand silent about this. Too often we see cruelty in our everyday life, yet walk on by and never stand-up against it. Cruelty begets cruelty, even if it's the verbal form...still it is cruelty.

Boycott his show. Boycott Dan Patrick. Pass along this blog post, if need be. Maybe if enough people stand, his show will be removed.


Bob said...

That is why I HATE those shock jock kind of radio shows... they're ignorant, and they just pick on people, innocent people and children, for their own laughs... it just sucks that people listen to the shows, cause that's all that keeps them going.

John said...

Well, I would boycott his show, but the problem is I doubt anyone would notice. I can't tell you the last time I heard the guy. Is he on during working hours? That might be why.

I agree with you though. The lack of empathy, class or anything close to sensitivity is pretty appaling.

Brener69 said...

Thanks to people like you that give him free advertising people tune in to see what crazy thing is is saying today!