Friday, April 18, 2008

Quizzy Day

This week has been a bear and not the kind of bare I really love. Let me tick off the ways:

1) Monday night at 1 am, Dear sweet William has a 'puking' fit. Poor little guy, it's times like this that I realize how his autism affects him. He couldn't comprehend that he should bend over the toliet or trash can to vomit in. He would stand straight up and let it flow...everywhere. I had to force him to bend down and let it 'flow' where it's suppose to. I called Lisa and she brought over a suppository that the Doctor prescribed for Ben. It helped and he stopped vomiting within the hour. He told me that if we had a sick room, he could have went into it and stayed there a while...that when he left the room, his sickness would have stayed behind... if it were that simple.

2) I've been busy with restorations this week--several rush jobs for funerals and political campaigns.

3)Dad's spent most of the week, goofing off at the corner general store--which I call the "Corner Gossip Central." So I've had to run the place alone, answering the phone, dealing with telemarketers and customers all the while needing to get my rush jobs finished. I really believe that the main reason he hasn't retired it that the studio is his social life, which is rather sad.

4) Mental exhaustion... I've been so tired at night that I haven't felt like logging on at home and working on things like my webiste or blogs. Instead I strip to my undies and a t-shirt, grab either a book or an audio book and relax in my room.

5)And..lastly, I haven't had much to say. Nothing to 'bare' so to speak.

But, I'll say this.. I'm glad it's Spring and that blooms and green things surround me.

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