Thursday, December 06, 2007

Where did the day run to?

Last time I glanced at the time, it was 2:11 pm. Now it's almost 4 and I am ready to blow this joint. I've just finished retouching and printing 69 photos. Now I'll finish some other odds and ends, then hit the house.

My truck was in the shop yesterday and last night. It's back and I'm out $399.63 for different things done. More than I hoped to spend but that's how it goes when you drive an older model. If I keep having to spend so much at one time, I'll have to take another job or marrry an elderly wealthy man who doesn't mind me spending his money.

My brother and I are going to a local pizza place run by a Greek family. They have some of the best baked spaghetti and subs around. My mouth is watering now thinking of the yummilious food. Steady...girl, steady.

Went shopping with my sister last night and man, she had me out for hours. She told me she wanted to pick up one thing... that one thing turned into a shopping cart full of stuff. I was along for the ride. There are a few family members who will thank me later, though. I steered her to what I knew they wanted instead of what she thought they needed. She reminds me of Dad in many ways. Like... she doesn't believe in Ghosts and we lived in a haunted house! I kept asking her to explain things that happened to us all when we were together and she couldn't think of a logical excuse. I silently wondered if she hasn't convinced herself that it was in our minds and not really hauntings. Some people do that... won't let their minds open to possiblities.

Nip/Tuck sucked the other night. They were doing a 'reality show' and it was so hokey. I almost turned the channel. I wish they would stick to the story lines that work. And show Christian's ass at least once every episode... it's the only way my attention will stay focused. ;)

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