Monday, December 17, 2007

Song of Winter

Winter chills my bones, its frost kissing my lips.
I strive to capture summer's glow, the sunkissed tease of August,
but it evades my grasp like dreams evaporating at dawn.
Where is the warmth of a lover's touch,
the silk of fingertips on my skin?

I cannot find you among the crystals of frost
that lingers on my eyelashes at midnight.
Nor do you hide amongst the waves of cold wind
that soar against my ears, like frigid birds on ice,
singing solemn songs of winter.

My only hope of survival amid the cold of December
is to find a summer dream, one that keeps me warm
with thoughts of a lover's embrace wrapped in sultry heat,
the taste of strawberry lust and satin.
Within this decedent dream, winter's song will fall silent.

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