Monday, December 17, 2007

Tid Bits

My friend Gail who ran the downtown bakery died this weekend from an aneurysm. What a shock! No one called me. Her funeral was at 11 am. First Martha, now Gail. I'm very sad. Both were very good friends and I will miss them.

I was surprised my Panthers won. I didn't even watch the game! But I did catch the Cowboys and Eagles game. I was surprised that the Cowboys didn't win! The Eagles rocked though.

Survivor was pretty good this season. I knew Todd would win. But for a moment I thought Courtney might win. Amanda had no chance. She irritated me with her doey eyes and sad face when she had to backstab someone. It's part of the game, chick. Next season should be interesting. It's going to have old Survivor favorites against New Survivors. I hope they let James play. He has one fine bod.

Go Tarheels! #1 in the NCAAB ... they kicked Rutgers ass last night. Now if Duke can slowly climb up the ladder from #7. I will be a happy girl.

and speaking of happy, my ECU Pirates are playing against Boise in the Hawaii bowl Dec 23 at 8 pm on ESPN. "Hey, look so good to ME!" I hope they win it. I'll be there watching and wearing Purple and Gold.


Bob said...

Sorry to hear about your friend's passing... that is so sad, at this time of year, and scary cause it's so sudden... as for Survivor, I was glad Todd won once I heard his answers to the questions at the final tribal council... he earned the money, he had his stratgy down and it worked... take care, hon! :)

sarah hb said...

sympathies concerning your friend Xx

Painter Lady said...

Thanks you two... I'm still in shock.

Sarah HB... hope you are doing ok.

Bob... how's the bakery?